Ezra Schwartz was from Sharon, Massachusetts USA and was studying in Israel for the year.

While volunteering to help beautify the Oz VeGaon park (named after the 3 Israeli teens; Gilad, Ayal & Naftali) he was murdered in cold blood by terrorists. Not far from where he was murdered, land has been slated to become "The Ezra Schwartz Vineyard". Terrorists want to take away lifeour answer is to bring NEW life.


Ezra's family recently came to Israel to visit the field and plant its first trees. Recognizing that many people feel their pain and want to do something meaningful in Ezra's memory, they kindly ask everyone to plant a fruit tree, and then light a candle in his memory.


Join the thousands of others who are getting involved in this project.

Together we will plant a beautiful tribute to Ezra for the world to see. 


Israel is here to stay and we will continue to grow and create new life!

Plant your tree in memory of Ezra NOW!


Donations for planting trees is tax deductible in the USA

We're a registered non profit organization Tax ID 11-3321933

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After planting your fruit tree

please have someone take a

video of you lighting a candle

and post it using #Trees4Ezra.


Ask friends to do the same. 

Together we will remember Ezra forever!

Moshe Forman #Trees4Ezra

Moshe Forman just planted 2 trees in the "Ezra Schwartz Vineyard" and lit a candle in memory of Ezra Schwartz H"YD at join him and thousands of others. Plant your tree and light a candle for Ezra. #trees4ezra

Posted by Trees4Ezra on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It takes A LOT to plant FRUIT trees!

1. Find a suitable location and purchase it.

2. Prepare the land by clearing away rocks and thorn bushes.

3. Bring water, electric and other infrastructure to the site.

4. Install a fence around the entire area to keep away the animals.

5. Turn over, flatten and fertilize the soil.

6. Install a computerized irrigation system.

7. Strategically plan and carefully plant all the trees.

8. Weed, water, fertilize, and prune them for 3 years (Orlah).

9. AFTER 4 years we can finally redeem the fruits (Neta Revai).

10. On the 7th year (Shmitta) no pruning or selling the produce.

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